Good Life

Good Life

I am a very early riser. I wake up at 3am everyday just to create art before my children wake . For me , this is my time to fill my cup and prepare for each day . It hasn't always been this way amd i do get tired , but I do believe if you love something so much you will find a way .

Each day I'm excited to wake up . I wake inspired and ready to give my soul the nourishment it needs as I know deep down that this is all a part of well being . It is my way of sharing my life story and the things I like in life .

Life hasn't always been an easy road , I was bullied in school and was very introverted and quiet with no self confidence. I was outcasted heavily in primary school and found comfort in art as my therapy . I worked hard to learn techniques , practice photographic memory and learn to diversity in a range of styles .

Now , today at 36 , I have learnt that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks , you can't change that , as long as you stay true to you and your beliefs and work hard on what is important to you .

This final piece of my ' Living The Dream ' collection isn't just about whisking away to the destinations I've seen and I'm fond or about the pretty plants and pots I love . It's about a lifetime of adventure whether it be bad or good experiences. Each experiment leads you to a lesson in life , take it as a positive and move on . People will come and go , situations will change but this is your life , your only get 1 in the lifetime so embrace it !

Measuring 80cm x 120cm , this original artwork arrives ready to hang with a beautiful oak frame .

Shipping is free of charge within Australia.

International shipping available

International postage quotes available .

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