Whisper Original Artwork

Whisper Original Artwork

41cm width X 50.2cm height X3.8cm depth Limited Edition 1 of 1 !

Whisper the Owl , a symbol of femininity . She sits silently watching the world pass by . Many years ago I had the privilege of caring for a little barn owl called Whisper . I would look into her eyes ,they were like looking into a telescope, a galaxy of hidden secrets and mystery. Her soft feathers were like touching a newborns hair ,speckled her own unique spotting . For hours I would watch her , study her movements and reactions . Owls are truly beautiful, so quiet ,so patient and so gracious .According to ancient mythology ,owls are often known for wisdom ,but they also stood for femininity and fertility . The Owl is also the symbol for Athena ,goddess of strategy and wisdom. Whisper has been signed on the back and intialled on the front with wire for hanging . Framing can be provided at additional cost . Please feel free to contact me for a quote . Includes free postage with Australia ,delivered straight to your door. Requires sign on delivery.


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