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I am your magic Worry Me Not ,

I am here to listen to your worries, anxieties and fears.

Talk to me about your day,I will listen with both ears .

And when your worries are bringing you down , remember your human too.

Write me a letter , draw me a picture of how your feeling blue.

Pop it under your pillow before you sleep,

I will help those worries fade away.

I will wave my magic wand and keep those fears at bay.

Please remember it helps to talk to a big person when your feeling down , the love and support will always be here and near ,it will always be found.

-Written by Amanda Skye

These Worry Me Not prints are designed to help children voice their concerns and find comfort in their thoughts while also making a cute wall addition to their room .

Printed on 250gsm fine art paper , they arrive in a photogrpahic sleeve with poetic instructions and accompanied by a envelope style pouch designed to fit letters and drawings inside .

Worry Me Not Fine Art Print - Amy

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