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Worry me Nots

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'Worry Me Nots' is a series inspired by my children and the common (and not so common) childhood worries that may create stress or fear in a child's life. 

It all started when my daughter had a fear of monsters under her bed. Her grandmother gave her a Worry Doll. Often at night, I could hear her talking to the Worry Doll and using it as a comforting mechanism. It was there that I realised that children can find it just as hard to voice their concerns, thoughts and feelings just like us as adults do. This is how my 'Worry Me Knots' series was created. It gives not only my children but others a comforting artwork to look to and voice their worries to, whilst also becoming a guardian of protection and a sense of comfort.

Each piece, is sweet, bright and naive. The artworks each come with a description, individual name and a little pocket for children to pop their worry notes or drawings in. This way parents are able to then look at these to check on the well-being of their children.

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