kookaburra painting

A B O U T  M E

Hello and welcome , I am Amanda Skye . My home studio is located in a sweet little town called Helensburgh in the Northern Illawarra region of the  NSW South Coast. 

Since the age of 6 I have been a creative, painting until my little heart was content .I remember my mother teaching folk art and selling her pieces at markets while my dad built the furniture she painted on ,naturally creativity was going to be a part of my life . I remember thinking as a little girl I wanted to be an artist  , I wanted to bring smiles to peoples faces with my art .  Now in my 30's, life has changed alot , I could not imagine my life with out paint on my hands everyday , its a way of life. Being such a shy girl growing up, myself expression was through art and coming from a spiritual family it was only natural that my work would take on intuitive feel full of freedom of vibrant colouring . Adding my inspirations of subject matter in true form brings it to life and is the very essence of me . 


My work is based around the beautiful hues and fine delicate details found in wildlife and flora although I am not an artist confined to a particular category or style as intuition plays a huge role in my work. My art is rather about capturing a personality of a bird or the glistening leaves of a plant .It is about seeing the magic in nature guided by the energy and soul of a species . 

Until this day I recognize having a previous career background as wildlife educator and a travel agent has really encouraged me to really explore . These two career paths are what really led me to specializing in birds and wildlife after caring and raising endangered and native birds teaching conservation . I learnt about individual traits , personalities and unique characteristics of different animals , something I am very grateful to experience in life .


For a long time I struggled with the fact that my art didn't fit inside a category or align to a particular theme.  But then I realized that this is the point. 

 In life, none of us fit into a contained theme or style, and nor should art. Some days I wake up and want to paint thick semi abstract images all day long, while other days a fine line piece holds my interest. I suspect I will always be like this, I have been for many years now, it is not a stage I am going through. This approach simply reflects who I am. What I can say is my work is based on the beauty around us with in nature and what my intuition guides me to . We often live such busy lives we can fail to notice the delicate details and hues that surround us. It is this exact fact that inspires me as an artist .

Australian Bird Art