A B O U T  M E

Hello and welcome , I am Amanda Skye . My home studio is located in a sweet little town called Helensburgh in the Northern Illawarra region of the  NSW South Coast. 

Since the age of 6 I have been a creative, painting until my little heart was content .I remember my mother teaching folk art and selling her pieces at markets while my dad built the furniture she painted on ,naturally creativity was going to be a part of my life . I remember thinking as a little girl I wanted to be an artist , an illustrator, an industrial designer , an interior decorator, you name it and it was apart of the list , why ? I am a multi passionate artist and creative .  


My art collections are based on the very thoughts of what I love in life , what I feel draws me to create ,what we see and what we experience in our daily lives. I am not an artist that can be confined to a particular category or style as intuition plays a huge role in my work and I follow my heart with anything I create. I follow the journey of expression allowing myself growth and exploration.

For a long time I struggled with the fact that my art didn't fit inside a category or align to a particular theme.  But then I realized that this is the point. 

 In life, I believe none of us fit into a contained theme or style, and nor should art. Some days I wake up and want to paint thick semi abstract images all day long, while other days a fine line piece holds my interest. I will always be like this, I have been for many years now, it is not a stage I am going through, simply a yearning to explore the world of creativity . This approach simply reflects who I am.

I create series collections, one off pieces as an idea could hang around for 2 weeks or it could hang for a long period of time , letting my heart lead me to though the world as a multi passionate artist . 

" Art is the Journey of a Free Soul "- Alev Oguz

Australian Bird Art