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Foir many 

Intuitive ,Automotive art and Mediumistic methods have always played a role in my creations .An art combining psychic practices . These artworks  are highly personal  and exclusive to you . 

Through intuition and mediumship we explore your questions  and animal totem messages , what the universe and deceased love ones bring forth streams through as I create your custom artwork with paint covered hands letting the paint do the talking.


From beginning to end I receive messages from the universe through this meditational practices of creation which formalized and attached to your artwork .

What is Automotive art you say ? 

It is a creative technique for producing artwork without thought or intervention from the conscious mind . It uses unconscious bodily motions such as breathing and dreaming to create art in honour of you .

Your artwork is based on your preference of semi abstract ,expressionism and  semi realism .

Each artwork arrives signed and shipped to you with your intuitive reading .

So how do we start ?

Simply  select the package of your desire .at the time of booking please make sure to include your name and date of birth . 

Optional - 2 colours you are drawn to  for your masterpiece 

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