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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

Framed in Oak

Measures 74cm x 105cm including frame

Acrylic on Canvas

' Ike '

Meaning to think positive thoughts

Red Jasper, mighty and bold,

A gem of strength, as legends told.

Deep crimson hues, fiery and true,

Unleashing power, igniting anew.

With grounding energy, it anchors the soul,

Bringing stability, making us whole.

Courage it imparts, in times of strife,

Instilling resilience, enriching life.

Red Jasper's embrace, a shield so strong,

Protecting from harm, all the day long.

Vitality it brings, to body and mind,

Revitalizing spirit, leaving worries behind.

Steadfast and loyal, a steadfast friend,

Guiding us through challenges, until the end.

It nurtures passion, ignites inner fire,

Fueling ambition, helping dreams aspire.

In times of stress, it eases the mind,

Calming emotions, leaving peace to find.

Red Jasper, gem of vitality and grace,

Empowering our journey, at a steady pace.

☆ Energy Symbols ☆

Cheetah - Protector , symbol of divine guidance and grace

Red Earth tones - grounding energy

Night Sky - Mystery unfolds

Gemstone - Red Jasper

If you decide to work with Red Jasper or any other crystal, it's advisable to approach it with an open mind and use it as a complementary tool alongside other practices that support your overall well-being.

Ike - Red Jasper

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