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60cm x 60cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Basking in sunlight activates a harmonious vibration within, fostering the production of serotonin in the brain. This resonant energy is intricately linked to mood elevation and an overall sense of well-being.

Now, delving into the symbolism of the colour yellow, it embodies a vibrant energy that resonates with enlightenment and positivity. In the spectrum of emotions, yellow serves as a beacon of joy, optimism, and the radiant hues of life's uplifting vibrations. Just as sunlight brings warmth to the world, the colour yellow brings a luminous quality to the tapestry of our experiences, symbolizing the innate connection between external radiance and internal vitality.

Lover of the he sun arrives with the gemstone Sun Stone to match her high vibration.

Shipping included in Aus

International shipping is available. Please reach out for a postage quote

Framing is optional . If you would like framing, please reach out via chat for the framing details .

Lover of The Sun

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