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Measures 61cm x 76cm per piece ( 76cm x 122cm in total )

Garnet, often associated with love and passion, is believed to bring positive energy and vitality to relationships.

Its deep red hue symbolizes commitment, devotion, and the fiery intensity of love. In relationships, garnet is thought to inspire mutual understanding, enhance communication, and foster a sense of security and trust.

The red butterfly holds symbolic significance, representing powerful transformation and enduring love. Together, the energy of garnet and the symbolism of the red butterfly create a harmonious narrative, encouraging couples to embrace change, deepen their connection, and experience the vibrant, lasting beauty that love can bring to their journey together .

Framing available upon request in oak , black or white

Shipping included in Australia

International shipping available , please reach out to me for details .

Unbreakable Bond - Garnet - Red Butterfly

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